A.   Business licenses will be renewed automatically each year, provided that all business license fees are received prior to July 15 of each year and the business is otherwise in compliance.
   B.   Failure of any business licensee to apply for a renewal under this chapter shall result in an automatic revocation of the license on the expiration date of the license. A licensee whose license has been revoked, and who wishes to continue in business, shall file a new application and any existing balances and penalties due the County shall be paid prior to issuance of a new business license. The requirement for a new application will be waived if all existing balances and penalties are paid within six (6) months of the due date and the information is still current.
   C.   A business licensee shall file with the department, on forms provided, a new application and affidavit for a license when a substantial change in the business licensee's former application has occurred. No additional fee shall be charged for filing a new application. (Ord. 594, 10-19-2017, eff. 11-1-2017)