A.   Each occupation business operating at a single location must have a separate license.
   B.   Any business licensee who is issued a standard business license may have endorsed on the license more than one enterprise under the following conditions:
      1.   All enterprises endorsed on the license must be operated under the same business name.
      2.   All enterprises must be owned or operated by the business licensee.
If the business licensee complies with the conditions set forth herein, there shall be issued one license endorsing each specific enterprise engaged in by the business licensee.
   C.   Any business licensee issued a license for multiple enterprises shall only be charged one fee. This fee shall be based on the total number of employees for all the enterprises. This section does not affect liquor, gaming or any other license fees required by the County. (Ord. 594, 10-19-2017, eff. 11-1-2017)