A.   License Required: It is unlawful for any business to engage in any enterprise in Lyon County without first applying for and obtaining a license or permit as set forth in this chapter.
   B.   Exceptions: The provisions contained in this chapter do not apply to:
      1.   Any business which conducts business or operations only within the limits of any incorporated city within the County;
      2.   Any private individual(s) who has no more than five (5) garage sales per year;
      3.   Any nonprofit service organization; or
      4.   Any business that is specifically regulated under a separate chapter of this title and that chapter clearly exempts the business from the provisions of this chapter.
   C.   Other Licenses Required: Any business applying for a license under this chapter which is required by Federal, State, County or city regulation to hold a separate and independent license shall produce, exhibit, or otherwise prove to the department that such license has been issued. (Ord. 594, 10-19-2017, eff. 11-1-2017)