Upon the impounding of any animal, the city shall attempt to notify the owner of the animal, if known. If the owner is unknown, a written notice shall be posted for five days at City Hall describing the animal and the place and time of taking. The notice shall also state the time and date on which the five-day redemption period shall expire and the animal eligible for being destroyed, donated for medical research or adopted. A copy of M.S. § 343.235 (Laws 91, Ch. 122, § 4), as it may be amended from time to time, shall be delivered by the authority taking custody of an animal to the person residing on the property or adjacent public rights-of-way or easements from which the animal was taken. If no one resides on the property, the authority shall post a copy of it at the place where the animal is taken into custody. All rights of ownership shall strictly expire and be null and void for all animals unclaimed by the owner at the expiration of the five-day redemption period unless a bond or deposit is placed pursuant to § 90.23 of this chapter.
(Prior Code, § 10.11)  (Ord. 231, Third Series, effective 6-29-2000)