(A)   Any dog or cat found in the city without a license tag, or any animal running at large or in violation of any other provision of city code or any law relating to the keeping or protection of animals, or required to be impounded hereunder, shall be placed in the animal pound and an accurate record of the time of the placement shall be kept on each animal. In cases where the animal is found running at large and prior to impoundment, the city shall attempt to return a licensed animal to its registered owner. Every animal so placed in the animal pound shall be held for redemption by the owner for a period of not less than five calendar days.
   (B)   (1)   Impoundment records shall be preserved for a maximum of six months and shall show:
         (a)   The description of the animal by breed, sex, approximate or estimated age and other distinguishing characteristics or traits;
         (b)   The location at which the animal was seized;
         (c)   The date and time of seizure;
         (d)   The name and address of the person, if any, from whom any animal was received; and
         (e)   The name and address of the person to whom any animal was transferred or released.
      (2)   A person claiming an interest in an animal in custody is allowed to prevent disposition of the animal by posting a bond or security in an amount sufficient to provide for the animal’s care and keeping for at least 30 days. The amount shall be determined based upon animal pound fees set by the Council. Even if a bond or security is provided, once the amount provided for is depleted all ownership rights of anyone shall expire; and, upon expiration of the ownership rights, the animal shall be humanely destroyed and the carcass disposed of, or, in the alternative, the animal may be released, delivered to and ownership transferred to any other person agreeing to accept the animal and comply with all provisions of city code (if the animal is to be kept within the city) and other laws and regulations relating to the keeping and treatment. Prior to the release of any animals from the animal pound, the owner thereof shall provide evidence that the animal is licensed and will be vaccinated within 48 hours after release against rabies unless the owner thereof can present a certificate of current vaccination. Animals shall not be released to the owner thereof until the owner has paid the appropriate animal pound fees for the keeping of the animal. A person desiring to claim an unclaimed animal (adoption) must register his or her interest in animal adoption prior to the time of the seizure of the animal the person desires to adopt. Animal pound fees for the keeping of animals shall be waived for adopted animals.
(Prior Code, § 10.11)  (Ord. 114, Third Series, effective 6-18-1992; Ord. 273, Third Series, effective 3-31-2005)