At the time the notice is sent to or served upon the abutting property holders, it shall also be the duty of the Clerk of Council to send, by mail, a copy of the notice to each person, firm or corporation that at the time is engaged in the business of operating a street railway or furnishing light, heat, gas, electricity, power, telephone or telegraph service or other public utilities requiring the occupancy of any part of the streets, public ways or alleys of the Village; but the failure of the Clerk to send, or of such property owners or corporations or officers to receive such notices or the failure of the Village Administrator to take steps to compel water and sewer connections shall not in any way affect the other regulations of this chapter, or the penalties, to create an emergency within the meaning of Sections 905.08 and 905.09.
(Ord. 2340.  Passed 8-13-86.)