No person, firm or corporation shall make any opening in, break, tear up, excavate or remove the surface of any street, avenue, alley or other public way, or any portion thereof, in the Village, in, or upon any street, avenue, alley or other public way, which shall be built, paved, resurfaced or repaved at any time within a period of five years after the building, paving, resurfacing or repaving of the street or alley; and the Village Administrator or Street Superintendent and all other officers and departments of the Village are hereby prohibited from granting any permits for any such openings, breaks, tearing up, excavation or removal within this period; provided that the Village Administrator may, on account of any emergency affecting public health or public welfare, and which could not have been forseen, suspend the operation of this five-year rule as to any application for a permit, and in such cases, upon granting of the application, the work may be performed within the five-year period but the mere failure or neglect of the applicant, or other person, firm or corporation to lay or have laid, mains, pipes, wires or connections or other means of transportation of utilities before the five-year period, or the inconvenience, by reason of the failure or neglect, to property along the particular street or way described in the application shall not be considered to be an emergency; provided further, that where water mains or water pipes were laid along or to any lot or piece of property previous to the beginning of the five-year period, and, by reason of unforseen development, the water mains or service pipes have become, in the opinion of the Village Administrator, of inadequate size, then the Village Administrator may suspend the five-year rule for the purpose of and to the extent necessary for the laying of larger water mains or larger service pipes in any street or other public way.  The five-year period shall be deemed to begin at the time of the completion and final acceptance by the Village of any construction, paving, resurfacing or repaving.
(Ord. 2340.  Passed 8-13-86.)