No person, firm, or corporation shall initiate any floodplain development or substantial improvement or cause the same to be done without first obtaining a separate permit for development as defined in this chapter.
   (A)   Required.  Within special flood hazard areas on the official map, separate floodplain development permits are required for all new construction, substantial improvements, and other developments, including the placement of manufactured homes.
   (B)   Application.  To obtain a floodplain development permit, the applicant shall first file an application therefor in writing on a form furnished for that purpose.  Every such application shall:
      (1)   Identify and describe the development to be covered by the floodplain development permit for which application is made;
      (2)   Describe the land on which the proposed development is to be done by lot, block, tract and house and street address, or similar description that will readily identify and definitely locate the proposed building or development;
      (3)   Indicate the use or occupancy for which the proposed development is intended;
      (4)   Be accompanied by plans and specifications for proposed construction;
      (5)   Be signed by the permittee or his or her authorized agent who may be required to submit evidence to indicate such authority;
      (6)   Within designated floodplain areas, be accompanied by elevations of the lowest floor, including basement, or in the case of floodproofed nonresidential structures, the elevation to which it shall be floodproofed. Documentation or certification of such elevations will be maintained by the City Clerk; and
      (7)   Give such other information as reasonably may be required by the City Clerk (i.e., require a statement from the applicant that he or she is aware that elevating or floodproofing structures above the minimum levels will result in premium reduction, especially in the case of nonresidential floodproofing when a minus one-foot penalty is assessed at the time of rating the structure for the policy premium).
(Ord. 621, passed 3-4-2008)