(A)    In the event that there are urgent reasons for filling a vacancy and the Director of Human Resources, or designee, is unable to certify a list of eligibles within a reasonable amount of time, the department director may request the Director of Human Resources, or designee, to authorize the placement of a person in the vacancy on a temporary basis without benefit of examination. The Department Director shall inform the Director of Human Resources, or designee, of the person the Department Director wishes appointed on a temporary basis, listing that person’s qualifications for appointment. The Director of Human Resources, or designee, shall determine if the person so requested is qualified, and shall certify this in writing to Mayor, prior to authorizing the emergency appointment.
   (B)   Emergency appointments shall not continue, under any circumstance, for longer than three months.
   (C)   Emergency appointments authorized by the Director of Human Resources, or designee must be subsequently approved by the Board.
   (D)   Service by an employee in emergency appointments who receive subsequent appointment to regular positions shall not have the time served in the emergency capacity counted toward completion of their probation period provided such service is continuous, in the same classification and in the same department.
   (E)   No person may receive more than two emergency appointments within any one period of 12 consecutive months.
(1994 Jeff. Code, § 34.127) (Jeff. Ord. 8-1986, adopted and effective 6-24-1986; Merit Board rules revised 5-14-1992; Lou. Metro Am. Ord. No. 245-2007, approved 11-12-2007)