(A)   It is the policy of Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government to fulfill its obligation to protect the voter and the integrity of the election process from the following actions, done under the guise of electioneering:
      (1)   Attempted fraud;
      (2)   Obstruction;
      (3)   Intimidation, whether real or perceived;
      (4)   Attempted or actual vote-buying;
      (5)   Invasion of privacy;
      (6)   Harrassment, whether real, threatened, or implied; or
      (7)   Hindrance or delay.
   (B)   Prohibitions.  An electioneering-free zone is established within 200 feet of the main entrance to any building containing a polling place on any given election day.
      (1)   No person shall be permitted to conduct any form of electioneering within a distance of 200 feet of the main entrance of a polling place on Election Day, whether the polling place is located on public or private property.
      (2)   No person intentionally shall cause interference or alarm to any person on his or her way to vote.
      (3)   No person shall loiter or congregate within the electioneering-free zone, with the intent to delay a voter, or to solicit or attempt to influence any voter in casting his or her vote.
   (C)   Nothing in this subchapter shall be construed to prohibit electioneering conducted on private property located wholly or partially within the electioneering-free zone, including within the interior of any private residence or business establishment, either by a person with a leasehold or ownership interest in said property, or present at the invitation of a person with a leasehold or ownership interest in said property, provided, however, that any electioneering may not be directed toward any person not also located on said private property, except as otherwise set forth within this subchapter. (See prohibition on electioneering on polling-place grounds, whether public or private, § 33.02(B)(1)).
(1994 Jeff. Code, § 33.02)  (Jeff. Ord. 17-1979, adopted and effective 7-24-1979; Lou. Metro Am. Ord. No. 160-2004, approved 10-15-2004)  Penalty, see § 33.97