The City Manager is vested with the responsibility, authority, and means to:
   (a)    Delineate or assist the Administrator, at his request, in delineating the limits of the areas having special flood hazards on available local maps of sufficient scale to identify the location of building sites.
   (b)    Provide such information as the Administrator may request concerning present uses and occupancy of the flood plain.
   (c)    Cooperate with Federal, State, and local agencies and private firms which undertake to study, survey, map and identify flood plain, and cooperate with neighboring communities with respect to management of adjoining flood plain areas in order to prevent aggravation of existing hazards. 
   (d)    Submit on the anniversary date of the community's initial eligibility an annual report to the Administrator on the progress made during the past year within the community in the development and implementation of flood plain management measures.
      (Res. 75-102. Passed 7-7-75.)