The area in the vicinity of and encumbering lots 1035 through 1046; 1076 through 1173; 1192 through 1203; and 1242 through 1304 in the City is hereby determined to be subject to occasional flash floods and inundation by flood waters.  To insure against such flooding and inundation there are no preventive measures reasonably available to the City, and in spite of any preventive measures which the City might adopt there exists the possibility that the Municipal sanitary sewers in that area may fail to function properly during such periods of flood and high water.  Because of the foregoing it is ordered and directed that henceforth no permit to use or make connection with the Municipal sanitary sewer shall issue to any owner or occupant of any of the aforesaid lots unless there clearly appears on the face of such permit the following:
   These premises having been found subject to floods, the issuing authority shall not be liable for any malfunction of its sanitary sewer during flood conditions as determined by Ordinance 624.
(1950 Code §103)