(a)    Any legal use of a structure or land lawfully existing on the effective date of this Zoning Code may be continued, even though such use does not conform to the provisions of the Odinance. This nonconforming lawful use of a structure may be extended throughout those existing parts of the structure which were arranged or designed for such use. No nonconforming structure shall be moved, extended, enlarged, or structurally altered, except when authorized by the Board of Zoning Appeals in accordance with the provisions of this Zoning Code as provided in Section 1244.05(f). 
   (b)    Whenever the lawful use of a structure of land becomes nonconforming through a change in this  Zoning Code or in the district boundaries, such use may be continued subject to the same limitations and the same conditions set forth above.
   (c)    A nonconforming lawful use which has been damaged by fire, explosion, act of God, or the public enemy may be reconstructed and used as before the time of damage, provided such repairs or reconstruction is completed within two years of the date of such damage, and provided that the new building, use or structure shall not contain more than the original space of the replaced building, use, or structure and shall conform to all building regulations of the Village.
   (d)    If a nonconforming use is abandoned for more than two years, any subsequent use must conform with all provisions of the zoning district in which such use is located and all other provisions of this Zoning Code.
(Ord. 19-83. Passed 4-4-83; Ord. 75-96. Passed 11-18-96.)