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   Upon receipt of an Administrative Citation, the Responsible Person shall either:
   (a)   Pay the Fine. (Amended by Ord. No. 183,272, Eff. 11/14/14.) Pay the Administrative Fine within twenty (20) calendar days after the notice of the Administrative Violation is sent to the Responsible Person.
   1.   Payment of the Administrative Fine waives the Responsible Person's right to the administrative hearing and appeal process as outlined in Sections 11.2.08 and 11.2.09, below.
   2.   Payment of an Administrative Fine shall not excuse or discharge a failure to correct an Administrative Violation, as defined in Subsection (b) of Section 11.2.03, nor shall it bar the Enforcement Officer or Issuing Department from taking any other enforcement action in response to an Administrative Violation; or
   (b)   Remedy the Administrative Violation. If a specified amount of time was provided to correct an Administrative Violation, as defined in Subsection (b) of Section 11.2.03, and the Responsible Person remedies the Administrative Violation within the time granted, no Administrative Fine shall be imposed. The Administrative Citation shall not be deemed to have been satisfied until the Responsible Person provides proof to the Issuing Department that, within the time allotted by the Administrative Citation, the Administrative Violation was satisfactorily remedied. In addition, the Issuing Department may also demand to inspect the condition that gave rise to the issuance of the Administrative Citation to determine whether the Administrative Violation has been satisfactorily remedied.
   The Responsible Person who remedies the Administrative Violation shall remain liable for and shall pay the Enforcement Costs associated with the Administrative Violation. Timely correction of the Administrative Violation does not absolve the Responsible Person of this liability. Collection of Enforcement Costs of violations remedied in this manner shall be the responsibility of the Issuing Department.