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   (Added by Ord. No. 148,331, Eff. 6/26/76. )
   (a)   Payment of fees shall be required in the sums fixed by ordinance for local drainage districts involved and as a condition to approval of final subdivision maps, parcel maps and private street maps, except as provided in Subsection (b) below, whenever the City Council determined such need pursuant to former Section 11543.5 of the Business and Professions Code of the State of California or finds and determines such need pursuant to Section 66483 of the Government Code of the State of California, effective March 1, 1975 for a local drainage district, and finds:
   (1)   that subdivision and development of property requires or will require construction of facilities described in the local drainage plan, and
   (2)   that the fees are fairly apportioned within the area on the basis of benefits conferred on the property proposed for subdivision or on the need for facilities created by the proposed subdivision and development of other property within such area.
   (b)   In the event the owner filing the map petitions the City Council for an exemption from payment of fees required by ordinances to be paid to defray actual or estimated costs of constructing planned drainage facilities for removal of surface and storm waters from local or neighborhood drainage areas, and the City Council finds and determines that the final subdivision map, or the parcel map, or the private street map filed for approval is not filed for subdivision or development purposes, the City Council may thereupon exempt that map from payment of said fees or other consideration notwithstanding provisions of Section 17.05Q, 17.53G, or 18.05J-4 of this chapter or requirements of Subdivision (a) above or of said ordinance for such payment.
   (1)   For purposes of this subsection the term “subdivision” and the term “development” shall neither include nor apply to final subdivision maps, parcel maps or private street maps that are filed within the City:
   (a)   in connection with a sale of land which is to be further divided by the filing of either a subdivision map, parcel map or private street map prior to development occurring,
   (b)   solely for the purposes of reversion to acreage, or to combine portions of vacated streets with adjoining lots or parcels, or to make boundary line adjustments without creating any new lots or parcels, or to effect technical corrections on existing recorded maps in order to cause those maps to conform to actual fact, clarify the record, and cause them to read correctly, provided however that approval or recordation of such new maps does not or will not otherwise change or amend any existing recorded map or any legend thereon.