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   (Amended by Ord. No. 168,447, Eff. 1/31/93.)
   A.   Proceedings for reversion to acreage of subdivided real property may be initiated by the City Council on its own motion or by petition of all of the owners of record of the real property within the subdivision.
   1.   The petition shall take the form of a tentative tract map application to the Department of City Planning in a form prescribed by the Department.  Upon the title sheet of each map filed for the purpose of reverting subdivided land to acreage, the subtitle shall consist of the words “A reversion to acreage of....”.  Any map so submitted shall be accompanied by evidence of title and non-use or lack of necessity of any streets or easements which are to be vacated or abandoned.  Any streets or easements to be left in effect after the reversion shall be adequately delineated on the map.
   2.   Notice shall be given and a public hearing shall be held in accordance with the procedures set forth in Section 17.06 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code.
   3.   A tentative tract map shall be filed under the provisions of this section for the purposes of reverting to acreage land previously subdivided.  A final parcel map may be recorded in lieu of a final tract map, if the property involved originally consisted of four or fewer parcels or condominium units or if the project meets the exception criteria of Section 66426 of the State Government Code and Section 17.50 C of the Los Angeles Municipal Code.  Except as provided in Government Code Section 66445 (e), a certificate shall appear signed and acknowledged by all parties having any record title interest in the land being reverted, consenting to the preparation and filing of the parcel map.
   4.   Maps recorded solely for the purpose of combining portions of vacated streets with adjoining lots shall be treated in procedure as Reversion to Acreage Maps.
   B.   Subdivided real property may be reverted to acreage only if the City Council finds that:
   1.   Dedications or offers of dedication to be vacated or abandoned by the reversion to acreage are unnecessary for present or prospective public purposes; and
   2.   Either:
   (a)   All owners of an interest in the property within the subdivision have consented to reversion; or
   (b)   None of the improvements required to be made have been within two years from the date the final or parcel map was filed for record, or within the time allowed by agreement with the City Engineer for completion of the improvements, whichever is the later; or
   (c)   No lots shown on the final or parcel map have been sold within five years from the date the map was filed for record.
   C.   As conditions of reversion the City Council shall require:
   1.   Dedications or offers of dedications necessary following reversion;
   2.   Retention of all previously paid fees necessary to accomplish the purposes of this article;
   3.   Retention of any portion of required improvement security or deposits if necessary to accomplish the purposes of this article.
   D.   When a reversion is effective, all fees and deposits shall be returned and all improvement security released, except those retained pursuant to Subdivisions 2 and 3 of Subsection C above.
   E.   After approval of the reversion by the City Council, the final map or parcel map shall be delivered to the county recorder.  The filing of the final tract map or parcel map shall constitute legal reversion to acreage of the land affected thereby and shall also constitute abandonment of all streets and easements not shown on the map.