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   (a)   Definition.  As used in this article:
   1. “SECONDHAND AUTO PARTS DEALER” means a person engaged in the business of buying, selling, exchanging, storing or dealing in used, rebuilt or secondhand motor vehicle accessories or parts. For the purpose of this definition only, a “motor vehicle” includes automobiles, automobile trucks and motorcycles.
   (Amended by Ord. No. 117,755, Eff. 1/22/61.)
   The following shall not be deemed to constitute engaging in the business of dealing in secondhand motor vehicle parts or accessories:
   1.   The acceptance, sale or disposal of used automobile tires or used automobile batteries taken in part payment for new tires and batteries by persons whose regular business consists in whole or in part of selling new automobile tires or batteries.
   2.   (Amended by 130,575, Eff. 9/11/65.) The acceptance, by bona fide wholesale and retail automobile parts dealers, of used automobile parts tendered in exchange for, or in part payment of new or previously rebuilt, reconstructed or remanufactured automobile parts and; the acceptance, sale or disposal, by wholesale and retail automobile parts dealers, distributors, and remanufacturers, of automobile parts which have been previously rebuilt, reconstructed or remanufactured.
   (b)   Permit Required.  No person shall engage in the business of a secondhand auto parts dealer without a written permit from the Board.
   (c)   Change of Location.  A change of location may be endorsed on a permit by the Board upon written application by the permittee accompanied by the change of location fee prescribed in Section 103.12.