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   (Added by Ord. No. 111,348, Eff. 7/4/58.)
   (a)   Definition.  As used in this article.
   1.   “JUNK COLLECTOR” means a person not having a fixed place of business in this City, who personally gathers, collects, buys, sells, or otherwise deals in any scrap metals, old rags, bags, sacks, bottles, paper, boxes, barrels, rope, and other articles commonly known as junk, any of which is not used for the same purpose for which it was originally made; the term includes any individual who assists a junk collector or junk dealer in the operation of the business by soliciting, handling the materials, or driving the vehicle used in the collection of said materials.
   (b)   Permit Required.  No person shall engage in, manage, conduct or carry on the business of or act as a junk collector without a written permit from the Board.
   (c)   Goods to be Disposed of.  Junk collectors shall dispose of all junk collected, gathered or acquired, before the end of each business day. Such disposition shall be made only to such junk dealer, secondhand dealer, or other person holding a permit from the Board and permitted to deal in junk or secondhand goods, wares or merchandise.
   (d)   Hold-Order by Police.  A police officer may place a hold-order upon property acquired by a junk collector in the course of his business, for a period of 90 days, and upon release of such property may require such junk collector to keep a record of the disposition of such property. It shall be unlawful for any person to dispose of any property contrary to any hold-order issued by a police officer.