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   (Amended by Ord. No. 146,898, Eff. 3/ 3/75.)
   (a)   The Board may authorize the sale or rental of any instructional materials, including, but not limited to, films, tapes, recording, photographs, printed matter, or any other audio or visual-aid equipment produced as a police training or educational aid by the Department to any bona fide law enforcement agency or organization engaged in the training or education of law enforcement officers, or other qualified public or private organizations approved by the Board, upon the payment of fees to be established by the Board in accordance with Subsection (b) of this section.
   (b)   The Board shall establish a fee schedule for the rental and sale of such instructional materials based upon and not to exceed the entire pro rata cost to the City of the production, rental or sale of such materials.  Such fee schedule shall be revised from time to time in order to adjust the fees to be charged to the costs incurred.
   (c)   The fees to be charged for such sale or rental shall be collected by the Department and remitted to the General Fund.
   (d)   The Chief shall have the care, custody and control of such instructional materials and shall perform such duties in connection with the custody rental or sale thereof as the Board may direct.
   (e)   The provisions of this section are not to be construed as making or extending to make such instructional materials public records.