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   (Added by Ord. No. 140,008, Eff. 2/20/70.)
   The limitations and/or conditions authorized by Section 103.40.1 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code may cover any matter relating to the activities to be exercised under the permit, the conduct of the business or the condition of the premises, which will protect the public welfare including but not limited to the following:
   (a)   Restrictions as to hours during which the permitted activity may occur.
   (b)   The employment of designated persons including the number and the manner in which said persons are to be employed.
   (c)   Necessary sanitary facilities.
   (d)   Necessary parking facilities.
   (e)   Minimum seating and/or audience capacity.
   (f)   The manner and time within which the public is to pay in order to gain access to the permitted activity.
   (g)   Where the Board has determined that the cost of City services incident to the staging of the permitted activity will be increased because of the permitted activity, the Board may require the permittee to make payment into the general fund of the City of Los Angeles of an amount equal to the increased cost for the City Services.
   (h)   Where the Board determines there is a substantial danger of injury or damage to the public and/or property because of the permitted activity, the Board may require a policy of insurance naming the City of Los Angeles as an additional insured together with its agents, servants and employees as a co-insured and/or bond to cover the damage and/or injury which may occur.  The amounts of the insurance and/or bond, if any, and type of coverage, are to be determined by the Board after it has determined the nature and extent of probable danger of injury or damage to the public.