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   (Amended by Ord. No. 180,868, Eff. 10/22/09.)
   The following fees when referenced to this section by other sections of Chapter IX of the Los Angeles Municipal Code shall be collected by the Department for the following types of inspections:
(a) Minimum inspection fee 1   
$90.00 per inspection
(a1) Single fixtures 2   
$55.00 per inspection
EXCEPTION: No permit or inspection shall be required for the installation or replacement of garbage disposals within individual dwelling units.
(b) Additional inspection   
90.00 per inspection
(c) Miscellaneous permits or inspections   
90.00 each
(d) Special equipment inspection   
104.00 per hour or fraction thereof
(e) Off-site inspection   
104.00 per hour, minimum $277.00
(f) Witnessing performance test   
104.00 per hour or fraction thereof
1 When the cumulative fees set forth in this Code are less than the minimum fee, the minimum fee shall be paid which shall include the issuing fee.
2 The fee for single fixture shall apply to the installation of only one electrical, plumbing or mechanical fixture/ equipment and shall include the issuing fee.