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   (Amended by Ord. No. 185,587, Eff. 7/16/18.)
   (a)   Investigation Fee Required.  Whenever any work has been commenced without authorization by a permit or application for inspection, and that work violates any provision of Articles 1 through 8 of Chapter IX of the LAMC, and if no order has been issued by the Department or a court of law requiring said work to proceed, a special investigation shall be made prior to the issuance of any permit, license or application for inspection.
   An Investigation Fee, which shall be double the amount charged for an application for inspection, license or permit fee, shall be collected on each permit, license or application for inspection so investigated.  The required investigation fee shall be in addition to any other fees required by Articles 1 through 8 of Chapter IX of the LAMC.  In no event shall the Investigation Fee be less than $400.00.
   The payment of the Investigation Fee shall not exempt any person from compliance with the provisions of the Code nor from any penalty prescribed by law.
   (b)   Collection Fee for Delinquent Invoice For Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Elevators and Emergency Systems.  Whenever an owner or user of any apparatus, equipment or emergency system fails to pay the fees required by LAMC Sections 92.0126, 92.0129(d), 92.0132(b), (d) and (e), 93.0235 and 97.0314 within 60 days after notification, the owner or user shall additionally pay, a collection fee equal to 50% of the required fee specified under these same LAMC sections.
   (c)   An investigation fee of $15.00 per report shall be charged and collected for each boiler or pressure vessel insurance report not submitted as required by LAMC Section 97.0318. This investigation fee shall become due 30 days after the date the inspection has been performed and remains unreported and is in addition to the insurance processing fee.
   (d)   Non-Compliance Inspection Fee Required.  See LAMC Section 98.0411.
   (e)   Annual Inspection Fee. Whenever the Department makes annual inspections pursuant to LAMC Sections 12.26 F.3., 12.26 I.5. and 13.03 (or any other provision of this Code) the Department shall collect a fee from the property owner or business operator for inspection of each "recycling center" and "yard" business as defined in LAMC Section 12.26 F.1., each "automotive repair garage" and "used vehicle sales area" business as defined in LAMC Section 12.26 I.1., and each "surface mining (operation)" as defined in LAMC Section 13.03 B., the annual inspection fees shall be as follows:
   1.   For each recycling center, yard, automotive repair garage or used vehicle sales area, $457.00.
   2.   For each surface mining (operation), $265.00.
   (f)   The Department shall collect an amount levied by penalty fine from every property owner or business operator of a recycling center, yard, automotive repair garage or used vehicle sales area, as described in Subsection (e) above, for the following violations of the Los Angeles Municipal Code:
   1.   Repeat Violation.  Pursuant to LAMC Sections 12.26 F.15. and 12.26 I.17., a penalty fine of $200.00 shall be levied when cited in a subsequent notice to comply for the same violation.
   2.   Notice of Revocation or Failure to Pay Repeat Violation Fee.  Pursuant to LAMC Section 12.26 F.14. or 12.26 I.16., a penalty fine in the amount of $750.00 shall be levied for each violation specified in a notice of intent to revoke or as a result of failure to pay a repeat violation fee.
   (g)   In addition to any other remedy provided by law, the City may collect any judgment, fee, cost, or charge, including any permit fees, fines, late charges, or interest, incurred in relation to the provisions of this section as provided in Los Angeles Administrative Code Sections 7.35.1 through 7.35.8.