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(Division and Sections Renumbered by Ord No. 154,234, Eff. 9/8/80.)
93.0201   Permit Required.
93.0202   Exceptions, Permits Not Required.
93.0203   Scope of Permit.
93.0204   Permit Applications.
93.0206   Plans and Specifications.
93.0207   Information Required on Plans or Specifications.
93.0208   Transfer of Permits and Plan Checks.
93.0209   Revocation of Permits.
93.0210   Separate Permits Required.
93.0211   Expiration of Permits.
93.0212   Investigation Fee.
93.0213   Fees Required.
93.0214   Fees for New General Use Branch Circuits.
93.0215   Fees for Adding Lighting Fixtures, and Other Loads to Existing Branch Circuits, and for Lampholding Devices.
93.0216   Fees for Motors, Transformers, Heating Appliances, Studio Effects Lighting and Miscellaneous Equipment or Appliances.
93.0217   Fees for Fire Alarm and Signaling System, Communications, Control or Signal Systems and Smoke Detectors.
93.0218   Fees for Services and Switchboard Sections.
93.0219   Fees for Busways, Power Duct, Trolley Duct, Cable Trays, Cable Bus and Similar Equipment.
93.0220   Minimum Inspection Fee.
93.0222   Fees for Gas Tube Lighting, Signs and Sign Flashers.
93.0223   Fees for Swimming Pools.
93.0224   Fee for Miscellaneous Permit
93.0227   Fees for Changing Address.
93.0228   Fees for Moved Buildings and Structures.
93.0229   Fees for Additional Inspections.
93.0230   Special Inspections.
93.0233   Fees for Plan Checking.
93.0235   Fees for Witnessing Tests of Emergency Systems and Fire Warning Systems.
93.0240   Fees for Registration of Premises Covered by a Maintenance Certificate of Registration.
93.0242   Fees for Certificate of Qualifications.
93.0243   Inspection Fees for Off-site Inspections.