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   Except upon written permission of the Director, which may be given for special events, no person shall:
   (a)   Be present upon or loiter upon either of the jetties adjacent to the entrance channel between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. of the next day.
   (b)   Light or maintain any open fire upon either of the jetties adjacent to the entrance channel.
   (c)   Throw or propel any object at or toward any vessel or into the waters of the entrance channel from said jetties.
   (d)   Remove, take, injure, mutilate, destroy, or otherwise damage any rock, wood, plants, trees, or other object whether natural or artificial, which is located upon said jetties or upon the breakwater.
   (e)   Paint, draw, write, or otherwise mark upon any of the rocks constituting a portion of said jetties or breakwater, or attach thereto any sign, card, display, or other material intended to communicate a message, idea, name, or otherwise, to any person viewing said jetties or breakwater; except that the Director or Harbor Master may place such signs upon such jetties or breakwater as necessary to direct traffic or warn persons of their presence.
   (f)   No vehicles shall be driven upon said jetties except in such places as are improved for the driving of such vehicles. Should any vehicle be parked upon said jetty in a place not so improved, and should said vehicle be unattended, the Director or the deputy may remove such vehicle to a nearby location where parking of vehicles is permitted and the cost of such removal, parking, and storage shall be charged to the owner of said vehicle.