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   (a)   It shall be unlawful for a person to throw, discard, discharge or deposit any refuse, trash, sewage or matter of any description into the waters of the entrance channel or upon the contiguous lands.
   (b)   A person shall not discharge or deposit or permit to pass into the waters of the entrance channel any coal, tar, oil, gasoline, sludge or residuary products of coal petroleum, asphalt, bitumen or other carbonaceous material or substance nor any varnish, paint or similar products. Any accidental spill of said materials or products shall be immediately reported to the Harbor Master and it shall be a violation of this article to fail to do so.
   (c)   Any person who causes such accidentally spill of coal, tar, oil, gasoline, sludge or residuary products thereof, or of varnish, paint, or similar products, shall take all reasonable and appropriate steps to remove such material, or as much thereof as may be possible, from the waters of the entrance channel.
   (d)   A person shall not place or deposit and subsequently abandon any  dead animals, fish, shell fish, bait or other putrefying matter on or along the jetties, breakwater, vessels, or land, nor shall a person throw or deposit any animal carcass in the waters.
   (e)   A person shall not clean fish on the jetties, breakwater, land or waters.
   (f)   No person shall operate the toilet fixtures of a vessel within the entrance channel at any time so as to cause or permit to pass or to be discharged into the waters of said channel any excrement, sewage, or other waste matter or contaminant of any kind.