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   Hazardous private street shall mean any private street, either improved or unimproved, which is open for access for vehicular traffic and which the Director has determined to contain any or all of the following defects:
   (a)   A roadway, the surface material of which has loosened, buckled, split, crumbled, eroded or in any other way whatsoever deteriorated so as to make it unsafe for vehicular traffic or so as to constitute a roadway obstruction to the adequate access by fire, police, health and sanitation, and public utility vehicles.
   (b)   A roadway, the surface of which has become blocked in whole or in part by the deposit of earth or other materials thereon, or by reason of any other cause.
   (c)   A roadway, all or any portion of which is likely to collapse because of deterioration, decay, faulty construction, or by reason of the removal or movement of any portion of the ground necessary for the support thereof.