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   (Added by Ord. No. 184,745, Eff. 12/13/16.)
   A.   Planning Areas. The City is hereby divided into 37 planning areas. Each planning area constitutes an area for which either a community plan, a district plan, or other portion of the Land Use Element of the General Plan has been adopted by the City. The boundaries of each planning area shall be those of the applicable adopted community or district plan, or other portion of the Land Use Element of the General Plan as they existed on enactment of this section. These boundaries may be only changed by amendment to the General Plan pursuant to the procedures set forth in Section 11.5.6 of this Code. No amendment to a plan for any of the 37 planning areas, including reduction in the number of such areas, changes in their respective boundaries, land uses permitted within or at any particular location in any such area, or any other material change, may be made until the completion of a comprehensive assessment of such proposed changes by the Planning Department to ensure that such changes do not:
   1.   Reduce the capacity for creation and preservation of affordable housing and access to local jobs; or
   2.   Undermine California Government Code Section 65915 or any other affordable housing incentive program; and
   The changes must include a program to create and monitor an inventory of units within the Community Plan Area that are: subject to a recorded covenant, ordinance or law that restricts rents to levels affordable to persons and families of Lower or Very Low-Income; subject to the City Rent Stabilization Ordinance; and/or occupied by Lower-Income or Very Low-Income households.
   B.   Action on Proposed Amendments. The City Planning Commission shall receive the assessment by the Planning Department and shall by vote make a recommendation to accept or reject the amendment. The Commission's recommendation will be received by City Council and the Council shall vote to either accept or reject the proposed amendment. The current plans for the 37 planning areas shall remain in full force and effect until or unless the City Council votes to amend them in accordance with this section.