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Sixth Edition
Ordinance No. 77,000
Effective November 12, 1936
Current through December 31, 2019.
Compiled, Edited and Published Under the Direction of
Michael N. Feuer, City Attorney
Copyright © 2020
A Municipal Corporation
All rights reserved.  No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed by any means or stored in a database or retrieval system without prior written permission of the City of Los Angeles.
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   The First Edition of the Municipal Code of the City of Los Angeles, enacted by adoption of Ordinance No. 77,000, codified the regulatory and penal ordinances of the City.  It became effective November 12, 1936.  The Second Edition amended the Code through September 10, 1945.  From 1955 to 1958, a Third Edition was published in loose-leaf form.  This format made possible the continual page-for-page revision system that has been retained in subsequent editions.  A Fourth Edition was published November 30, 1973.  The Fifth Edition initially updated the Code through June 30, 1989.  This Sixth Edition is current upon publication through September 30, 2002, and will be maintained up-to-date by the incorporation of subsequently published revision packages.  The Sixth Edition is copyrighted by the City of Los Angeles.  The City intends to register its copyright upon publication.
   This newly published Sixth Edition represents a thorough modernization of the Los Angeles Municipal Code.  The Sixth Edition retains the loose-leaf format of prior editions but, for the first time, the Code is presented on standard-sized 8½" × 11" paper.  In addition to greatly simplifying the process of printing the Code (and subsequent revisions), the new size brings a number of advantages to the Code user.  The standard size is more compatible with office equipment such as copiers and facsimile machines.  The larger page size allows the implementation of a completely new dual-column layout that dramatically improves the readability of the Code’s text.  The new size substantially reduces the overall number of pages of the Code.  The increase in the amount of text per page will also tend to reduce the number of pages that the Code user will have to replace in each revision cycle.
   The Sixth Edition incorporates a number of other improvements not directly related to the new standard size.  The Code has been divided into a larger number of volumes.  This change, in combination with the overall page reduction described above, allows each new volume to contain far fewer pages than the unwieldy volumes of the previous edition.  Chapter contents are more logically presented in this edition, with each Chapter beginning with a list of its constituent Articles, and each Article beginning with a thorough summary of its Sections (or Divisions, as the case may be).  This edition also includes two new features that make navigation through the Code easier.  Page headers now selectively include subdivision references which will assist the user in finding specific subdivisions in lengthy multi-page sections.  Additionally, the headers of alternating pages now specifically identify the page’s Chapter and Article by both name and number.
   This Sixth Edition of the Los Angeles Municipal Code will assist City offices, departments and other governmental agencies in their functions, and will serve the people as the official source of information regarding the regulations enacted by the City of Los Angeles for the preservation of the public peace, health and safety.