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Sec. 1180.  Applicability of the Plan.
   (a)   Water and Power Department Employees and Beneficiaries. The Water and Power Employees’ Retirement Plan (WPERP) created in Section 1102(b) of this Article shall be binding in its entirety upon all employees of the Water and Power Department and all beneficiaries of the Plan.  All benefits under the retirement, disability and death benefit features of the Plan shall be granted only upon the terms and conditions set forth in the Plan.
   (b)   Intermittent, Occasional and Temporary Employees.  Under no circumstances shall persons employed by the Department of Water and Power to render services of an intermittent or occasional character be eligible for the benefits of the Plan.  Any employee, who shall have been excluded from participation in the benefits of the Plan on account of his or her temporary employment status, shall be permitted to participate in the benefits upon the terms and conditions provided by the Plan.