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Sec. 1112.  Management Audits.
   (a)   Conduct of Audit.  The Mayor, Council, and Controller at least once in every five years, shall jointly require a management audit to be made of the business and property of each of the pension and retirement systems by an independent qualified management auditing firm.  Each audit shall examine whether the pension or retirement system is operating in the most efficient and economical manner and shall evaluate the asset allocation of the system.  The firm employed to conduct the audit shall be selected by the Mayor, Council and Controller.
   (b)   Audit Results.  A copy of the report of each audit shall be transmitted to the Mayor, Council and the board of the audited pension or retirement system.  Upon receipt of the audit, Council may request that some or all of the audit recommendations be implemented by a board, but the board shall retain sole and exclusive authority over administration of its system and assets to the extent provided in Article XVI, Section 17 of the California Constitution.