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Sec. 12.44. Procedure.
   (a)   Pursuant to guidelines determined by the Director of the Office of Administrative and Research Services, every document or a copy shall be forwarded to the Information Technology Department for processing.
   (b)   Where required, the letters “CT” and the census tract location shall be inscribed upon the upper right hand corner of the face sheet of the document, prior to forwarding to the Information Technology Department.
Added by Ord. No. 148,729, Eff. 9-25-76.
Amended by: Subsecs. (a), (b), Ord. No. 160,551, Eff 1-9-86; “Information Technology Department” inserted, “Department of Information Services” deleted, Ord. No. 170,600, Eff. 8-11-95; Subsec. (a), Ord. No. 173,288, Eff. 6-26-00, Oper. 7-1-00.