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Sec. 12.32. Requests By Mail, Telephone, Fax and Computer Link.
   (a)   Mail requests for copies or information are subject to all fees instituted under Article 4, plus postage.
   (b)   Departments may, at their discretion, provide service options to individuals requesting information:
   1.   Which may be obtained from identifiable public records subject to disclosure,
   2.   Which may require a City employee to engage in time-consuming research to provide the information, and
   3.   When such individual desires to have the information transmitted electronically through a variety of technological applications, or over the telephone, rather than appearing in person to perform the research by examination of such records.
   These service options shall be provided for the payment of a fee prescribed in Article 4 and set pursuant to the procedures established in Sections 22.356 and 22.357 of the Los Angeles Administrative Code.
   (c)   Implementation of technological applications shall not deprive any requestor of the right to appear in person to perform the research by examination of such records during normal business hours.
Added by Ord. No. 143,509, Eff. 7-29-72,
Amended by: Title and Subsec. (b), Ord. No. 168,593, Eff. 3-21-93; Subsec. (c) added, Ord. No. 168,593, Eff. 3-21-93.