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6.95   General Provisions.
6.96   Definitions.
6.97   Ordinance of Intention: Contents.
6.98   Preliminary Report of Board of Public Works.
6.99   Diagrams and Assessment Maps.
6.100   Publicly Owned and Publicly Used Property.
6.101   Payments by Governmental Bodies after Delinquency of Assessments.
6.102   Approval by City Council.
6.103   Publication of Notice.
6.104   Protest.
6.105   Contesting Validity of Assessment.
6.106   Recordation.
6.107   Alternative Method of Collecting Assessments.
6.108   Publication of Notice of Recordation.
6.109   Installment of Payments.
6.110   Time for Payment.
6.111   Effective Date of Payment.
6.112   Application for Amendment of Assessment.
6.113   Publication of Delinquent List.
6.114   Sale of Delinquent Property.
6.115   Redemption of Sold Property.
6.116   Execution of Deed.
6.117   Effect of a Deed of the Board of Public Works.
6.118   Special Fund.
6.119   Unexpended Balance.
6.120   Removal of Lighting Systems.
6.121   Contracts for Improvements.
6.122   Interdepartmental Purchase Order.
6.123   Multiple Improvement in One Ordinance
6.124   Waiver of Penalty.
6.125   Intention of the City Council.
6.126   Construction of Article.
6.127   Description.