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Sec. 5.400.  Creation of the Fund.
   (a)   There is created and established within the Treasury of the City of Los Angeles a special trust fund to be known as the Department of City Planning Long-Range Planning Special Revenue Trust Fund hereinafter referred to in this Chapter as the "Fund".
   (b)   All monies received by the Department of City Planning (Department) from the following sources shall be deposited into the Fund:
   1.   Monies received pursuant to Sections 19.16 and 98.0418(b) of the Los Angeles Municipal Code.
   2.   Monies may also be contributed to the Fund by other City funds and by grants, gifts, donations, or bequests from individuals or organizations.  Any appropriation to this Fund by the City Council for the purposes set forth in this Chapter shall also be deposited into this Fund.
   (c)   The Fund shall be administered by the Director of Planning of the Department (Director) or his or her designee.  A year-end report shall be prepared which shall be submitted within 90 days after the close of each fiscal year.  Unencumbered funds remaining in this Fund at the end of any fiscal year shall not revert to the Reserve Fund.
   (d)   The Fund shall be used to purchase or pay for salaries, expenses, equipment, materials, and services in support of General Plan maintenance, revisions or amendments to the Zoning Code (Chapter 1 of the City's Municipal Code), and related functions, and shall also be used to repay cash advances received from any other fund established by the City and used for these purposes.  The Fund shall be used to reimburse budgetary salary, overtime, and related costs as appropriate, and to draw demands for printing, travel, equipment, training, and other services and expenses as appropriate to support the City's General Plan and all associated underlying plans or elements, as well as the Zoning Code.
   (e)   The Fund shall be interest bearing.  All interest or other earnings attributable to money in the Fund shall be credited to the Fund and devoted to the purposes set forth in this Chapter.
   (f)   No expenditure shall be made from this Fund without the prior approval of the Director or his or her designee.
   (g)   The Director is authorized to establish appropriate procedures to carry out the provisions of this Chapter.
Added by Ord. No. 166,859, Eff. 5-5-91.
Chapter and Section Repealed by Ord. No. 181,098, Eff. 4-18-10.
Chapter and Section Added by Ord. No. 181,141, Eff. 5-16-10.
Amended by:  Subsec. (d), Ord. No. 182,310, Eff. 12-17-12.