Appeals and Variances
1244.01   Compliance required; appellate jurisdiction of Board of Zoning Appeals.
1244.02   Appeals of decisions of the Zoning Administrator; notice to appeal.
1244.03   Stay of proceedings after filing of notice to appeal.
1244.04   Variances.
1244.05   Public hearings by Board of Zoning Appeals; notices.
1244.06   Action by Board of Zoning Appeals.
1244.07   Duration of orders granting variances.
1244.08   Authorized variances.
1244.09   Appeals of decisions of the Board of Zoning Appeals; requests for reconsideration.
   Municipal zoning - see Ohio R.C. 713.06 et seq.
   Board of Zoning Appeals - see P. & Z. 1242.05
   Duties of the Zoning Administrator, the Board of Zoning Appeals, Council and courts re appeals - see P. & Z. 1242.07
   Permit revocations; appeals - see P. & Z. 1242.17
   Authority of Board of Zoning Appeals re conditional uses - see P. & Z. 1254.04, 1254.08
   Nonconforming uses - see P. & Z. Ch. 1258
   Variances from flood damage prevention regulations - see P. & Z. 1264.07