70.01   Definitions
   70.02   Compliance with lawful order of police officer; fleeing
   70.03   Emergency vehicles to proceed cautiously past red or stop signal
   70.04   Exceptions
   70.05   Persons riding or driving animals upon roadways
   70.06   Prohibitions on use of freeways
   70.07   Use of private property for vehicular travel
   70.08   Traffic direction in emergencies; obedience to school guard
   70.09   Application to drivers of government vehicles
   70.10   Impounding of vehicles; redemption
   70.11   Division of traffic engineering and safety created
   70.12   Authority and considerations for placement of devices
   70.13   Conformity with state manual
   70.14   Powers of director of service and safety
   70.15   Posting of signs and signals required
   70.16   Directors powers not limited
   70.17   Records of director
   70.18   Reservation of power to council
   70.19   Removal of vehicles after accidents
Traffic-Control Devices
   70.20   Obedience to traffic control devices
   70.21   Signal lights
   70.22   Signals over reversible lanes
   70.23   Pedestrian-control signals
   70.24   Reserved
   70.25   Prohibition against unauthorized signs and signals
   70.26   Prohibition against alteration, defacing, or removal
   70.27   Through streets; stop and yield right-of-way signs
   70.28   Drivers duties upon approaching ambiguous or non-working traffic signals
   70.29   Unlawful purchase, possession or sale
   70.30   Signal preemption devices; prohibitions
   70.99   Penalty