(A)   Purposes.  This chapter is adopted for the following purposes:
      (1)   To authorize the use of signage that is:
         (a)   Compatible with its surroundings;
         (b)   Appropriate to the type of activity to which it pertains;
         (c)   Expressive of the identity of individual proprietors or of the community as a whole; and
         (d)   Legible in the circumstances in which it is seen.
      (2)   To preserve, protect, and promote the public health, safety and welfare.
      (3)   To enhance the economy and the business and industry of the city by promoting the reasonable, orderly, and effective display of signage and encouraging better communication with the public.
      (4)   To enhance the physical appearance of the city by preserving the scenic and natural beauty of the area.
      (5)   To protect the general public from damage and injury that may be caused by the faulty and uncontrolled construction and use of signage within the city.
      (6)   To protect the pedestrians and motorists from damage or injury caused by the distractions, obstructions and hazards created by certain signs.
      (7)   To protect the public by reducing distractions that may increase traffic accidents.
      (8)   To protect the public investment in services and infrastructure by reducing distractions that may increase traffic incidents that may cause injury or damage public and private property.
      (9)   To protect the well-being of the general public by recognizing and encouraging a sense of aesthetic appreciation for the visual environment.
      (10)   To preserve the value of private property by assuring the compatibility of signs with surrounding land uses.
      (11)   To preserve the aesthetic value and historic authenticity of the Historic District of the city.
      (12)   To encourage sound practices and lessen the objectionable effects of competition in respect to size and placement of signs.
   (B)   Scope.  The regulations of this chapter shall provide a balanced and fair legal framework for design, construction and placement of signs. The chapter promotes the safety of persons and property by ensuring that signs do not create a hazard. To accomplish these aims, the chapter governs the installation, use, display, enlargement, alteration, maintenance, location and removal of all signs within the city. The regulations are based on the style and format of sign structures, and not their content.
(Ord. 21-020, passed 8-18-21)