Any user, who violates this chapter, or applicable state and federal regulations, or the following, is subject to having his permit revoked in accordance with the procedures of §§ 55.050 through 55.063.
   (A)   Failure of a user to factually report the wastewater constituents and characteristics of his discharge as determined by the users or Lockport Sanitary Sewer Department analysis;
   (B)   Failure of the user to report significant changes in operations, or wastewater constituents and characteristics;
   (C)   Refusal of reasonable access to the user's premises by USEPA, IEPA, or the Lockport Sanitary Sewer Department's representatives for the purpose of inspection and monitoring;
   (D)   Tampering with, disrupting, or destroying Lockport Sanitary Sewer Department equipment as determined by the Lockport Sanitary Sewer Department, by a preponderance of evidence which determination shall be final;
   (E)   Failure to report an accidental discharge of a pollutant in a reportable quantity;
   (F)   Failure to report an upset of the user's pretreatment facilities;
   (G)   Violation of conditions of this permit;
   (H)   Misrepresentation or failure to fully disclose all relevant facts in the wastewater discharge permit application;
   (I)   Falsifying self-monitoring reports;
   (J)   Failure to meet effluent limitations;
   (K)   Failure to pay fines;
   (L)   Failure to pay sewer charges;
   (M)   Failure to meet compliance schedules; or
   (N)   Failure to complete a wastewater survey, or any other required report in §§ 55.030 through 55.048.
(Ord. 16-055, passed 5-18-16)