The failure of a licensee to meet any one of the conditions of the license specified below shall result in a suspension of the license until the condition is met.
   A.   Within ninety (90) days after employment, every person selling or serving liquor in an establishment which has an on-sale license shall receive training regarding the selling or serving of liquor to customers. Proof of training shall be provided by the licensee.
   B.   Every licensee is responsible for the conduct of the place of business and conditions of sobriety and order in it. The act of any employee on the licensed premises is deemed the act of the licensee as well, and the licensee shall be liable for all penalties provided by this chapter and the law equally with the employee.
   C.   Every licensee shall allow any peace officer, Health Officer, City employee, or any other person designated by the City Council to conduct compliance checks and to otherwise enter, inspect, and search the premises of the licensee during business hours and after business hours during the time when customers remain on the premises without a warrant.
   D.   No on-sale establishment shall display liquor to the public during hours when the sale of liquor is prohibited.
   E.   Compliance with financial responsibility requirements of State law and of this chapter is a continuing condition of any license.
   F.   Failure by an off-sale intoxicating liquor licensee, who has received a fee reduction pursuant to subsection 3.09F of this chapter, to abide with the provisions of subsection 3.09F of this chapter. (Ord. 78, 6th Series, eff. 7-6-2015)