A.   No license or other fee established by the city shall exceed any limit established by Minnesota statutes 340A, as it may be amended from time to time, for a liquor license.
   B.   The city council may establish from time to time in a resolution establishing fees the fee for any of the liquor licenses it is authorized to issue. The license fee may not exceed the cost of issuing the licenses and other costs directly related to the enforcement of the liquor laws and this chapter.
   C.   The fee for all licenses, except temporary licenses, granted after the commencement of the license year shall be prorated on a monthly basis.
   D.   All license fees shall be paid in full at the time the application is filed with the city, with the exception of an on- sale liquor license which one-half (1/2) may be deferred and paid no later than June 15 of the license year. If the application is denied, the license fee shall be returned to the applicant.
   E.   A refund of a pro rata share of an annual license fee may occur only if authorized by Minnesota statutes 340A.408, subdivision 5, as it may be amended from time to time.
   F.   Off-sale intoxicating liquor licensees may request a reduction in their annual fee by the amount specified in Minnesota statutes 340A.408 if at the time of initial application or renewal they:
      1.   Agree to have a private vendor train all employees within sixty (60) days of hire and annual thereafter in laws pertaining to the sale of alcohol, the rules for identification checks and the responsibility of establishments serving intoxicating liquors;
      2.   Post a policy requiring identification checks for all persons appearing to be thirty (30) years old or less;
      3.   Establish a written cash award and incentive program to award employees who catch underage drinkers and a written penalty to punish employees in the event of a failed compliance check;
      4.   Failure to abide by the provisions of this paragraph may result in suspension of the license until the conditions of the fee reduction are met and may result in suspension and/or revocation of the license pursuant to section 3.21 of this chapter. (Ord. 78, 6th Series, eff. 7-6-2015)