(A)   Conduct Of Members: All members of the police department shall conduct themselves in a proper and law abiding manner and shall serve subject to the terms and provisions of applicable village ordinances, village procedures and policies, police department rules and regulations, police department procedures and policies, board of fire and police commissioners rules and regulations and board of fire and police commissioners policies and procedures. Each member of the department shall obey the orders and directions of his supervisor. (Ord. 195, 10-19-1965; amd. 1979 Code)
   (B)   Witness Fees: Every member of the police department shall appear as witness whenever this is necessary in a prosecution for a violation of an ordinance or of any state or federal law. No such member shall retain any witness fee for service as witness in any action or suit to which the village is a party; any fees paid for such services shall be turned over to the chief who shall deposit the same with the village treasurer.
   (C)   Rewards: The chief of police, for meritorious service rendered by any member of the police force in the due discharge of his duty, may permit such member to retain for his own benefit, so far as he may be permitted by law, any reward or present tendered to him therefor, and it shall be cause of removal for any member of the force to receive any such reward or present without notice thereof to the chief of police and without his permission. (Ord. 195, 10-19-1965)
   (D)   Residency: Six (6) months after completing the eighteen (18) month employment probationary period, every member of the police department shall reside: 1) within fifty (50) miles of the corporate limits of the village; and 2) within the state of Illinois. (Ord. 89-2015, 12-18-1989)