(A)   Chief Of Police:
      1.   Henceforth, all appointments to the position of chief of police, temporary and permanent, within the village, shall be made by the president subject to the advice and consent of a majority of the trustees then holding office.
      2.   All such temporary appointments are to remain in force until regular appointments may be made under 65 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/10-2.1-1, but never to exceed sixty (60) days, and no temporary appointment of any one person to the position of chief of police shall be made more than twice in any one calendar year.
      3.   All other procedures and actions pertaining to temporary and permanent appointment of chief of police shall otherwise be according to the statute in such cases made and provided. (Ord. 78-779, 6-13-1978)
   (B)   Other Appointments:
      1.   All other appointments to or promotions within the department shall be made by the board of fire and police commissioners as may be provided by law. However, the board shall not assign or appoint persons to any nonrank, appointed positions that may be established unless the board of trustees shall expressly grant such authority to the board.
As a prequalification standard, a refundable deposit in a reasonable amount established from time to time by the board of fire and police commissioners, shall be required at the time an application for testing is provided to a potential applicant. The deposit shall be refunded at the time an applicant takes the initial test. No refund will be made to any applicant who does not participate in the testing process.
      2.   If a member of the department is appointed chief of police prior to being eligible to retire on pension, he shall be considered as on furlough from the rank he held immediately prior to his appointment as chief. If he resigns as chief or is discharged as chief prior to attaining eligibility to retire on pension, he shall revert to and be established in such prior rank, and thereafter be entitled to all the benefits and emoluments of such prior rank, without regard as to whether a vacancy then exists in such rank. (Ord. 96-2759, 4-1-1996)
   (C)   Term: The chief of police shall serve for such term as may be provided by law, and may be removed in the manner provided for the removal of village officers. (Ord. 195, 10-19-1965)