(A)   In order to encourage civic responsibility and to provide hands on learning experiences, the high school student representative position(s) is established for the planning and zoning commission.
   (B)   Student representatives shall be Lisle residents and open to all high school grade levels with preference being given to qualified seniors.
   (C)   Student representatives shall be expected to attend one meeting per month as regularly scheduled.
   (D)   Student representatives shall serve a one year term consistent with the term of the school year.
   (E)   Student representatives who engage in improper behavior or are absent from two (2) or more consecutive meetings without notifying the village planner may be removed from the commission by the chairman of the planning and zoning commission at the recommendation of the village planner.
   (F)   Student representatives shall not vote, nor are they to be considered a member of the commission as it relates to vote counts or quorum requirements. (Ord. 2017-4705, 2-6-2017)