All plats of subdivision shall be submitted initially to the planning and zoning commission for preliminary approval. The application for approval shall show location and width of proposed streets and public ways; shall indicate proposed location of sewers and storm drains; proposed dedication of public grounds, if any; lot sizes; proposed easements for public utilities; and proposed methods of sewage and waste disposal; but need not contain specifications for proposed improvements.
The planning and zoning commission shall approve or disapprove the application for preliminary approval within ninety (90) days of the date of application or the filing by the applicant of the last item of required supporting data, whichever date is later, unless such time is extended by mutual consent. If such plat is disapproved, then within ninety (90) days the planning and zoning commission shall furnish to the applicant a statement, in writing, setting forth the reason for disapproval and specifying with particularity the aspects in which the proposed plat failed to conform to the ordinances including official map. If the plat is approved, the corporate authorities shall accept or reject said plat within thirty (30) days after its next regular stated meeting following the action of the planning and zoning commission. Preliminary approval shall not qualify a plat for recording.
Application for approval of the plat shall be made not later than one year after preliminary approval has been granted. The application must be supported by such drawings, specifications and bond as may be necessary to demonstrate compliance with all requirements of applicable statutes and such regulations as the corporate authorities may provide by ordinance under law.
The applicant may elect to have final approval of the geographic part or parts of the plat that received preliminary approval and may delay application for approval of other parts until a later date or dates beyond one year with the approval of the corporate authorities; provided that all facilities required to serve the part or parts for which the final approval is sought have been provided. In such case only, such part or parts of the plat as have received final approval shall be recorded.
When a person submitting a plat of subdivision or resubdivision for final approval has supplied all drawings, maps and other documents required by the municipal ordinances to be furnished in support thereof, and if all such material meets all municipal requirements, the corporate authorities shall approve the proposed plat within sixty (60) days from the date of filing the last required document or other paper or within sixty (60) days from the date of filing application for final approval of the plat, whichever date is later. The applicant and the corporate authorities may mutually agree to extend the sixty (60) day period.
Any person seeking approval of a subdivision or resubdivision map or plat shall post a good and sufficient bond with the village clerk and a penal sum sufficient to cover the estimate made by the village engineer, or other authorized person, of expenditures including, but not limited to, reasonable inspection fees to be borne by the applicant, necessary to conform to the requirements established and conditions upon completion of said requirements in a reasonable time. The form of bond shall be a form from time to time prescribed by the corporate authorities as will be the required surety to be approved by the corporate authorities; provided that the village may permit the deposit of cash or other security acceptable to the corporate authorities, to complete the improvements required in lieu of bond, and further provided, that no bond or securities shall be required to be filed until the corporate authorities have approved the plat in all other respects and have notified the applicant of such approval.
If the preliminary or final plat is approved, the village clerk shall attach a certified copy of the order or resolution of approval to a copy of the plat. If the proposed plat is disapproved, the order or resolution shall state the reasons for disapproval, specifying with particularity the aspects in which the proposed plat fails to conform to the official map. A copy of the order or resolution shall be filed in the offices of the village clerk. (Ord. 2003-3451, 4-7-2003, eff. 5-1-2003)



1. See title 6 of this code containing the subdivision regulations of the village.