Said planning and zoning commission shall, in addition to all other powers provided by law, have the following powers:
   (A)   To prepare and recommend to the board of trustees of the village a comprehensive plan of public improvements looking to the present and future development of the village, which plan shall be known as the official plan of Lisle. Such plan shall include reasonable requirements in reference to streets, alleys and public grounds, unsubdivided lands within the corporate limits of the village and in contiguous territory outside of and distant not more than one and one-half (11/2) miles from such limits and not included in any city, village or incorporated town. Said requirements to be effective whenever such land shall be subdivided after the adoption of such plan.
   (B)   To prepare and recommend to the board of trustees from time to time such changes in the plan as may be deemed necessary by the board of trustees or by the planning and zoning commission; provided, however, that such change will not affect the general principles of the plan as adopted.
   (C)   To prepare and recommend to the board of trustees from time to time general plans for specific improvements in accordance with such official plan.
   (D)   To give aid to the officials of the village charged with the direction of projects for improvements embraced within the official plan, to further making of such improvements and generally promote the realization of the official plan.
   (E)   To exercise such other powers germane to the powers granted by law and as may be conferred by the corporate authorities of the village.
   (F)   The power to perform the duties that are set out in the zoning regulations of the village, being in particular title 5, chapter 19 of this code. (Ord. 2003-3451, 4-7-2003, eff. 5-1-2003)