Minimum Dimensional Requirements
1178.01   Basic yard, area and height requirements for dwellings and accessory structures.
1178.02   Floor area requirements for dwellings.
1178.03   Basic yard, area, lot coverage and height requirements for all buildings other than dwellings.
1178.04   Side and rear yard requirements for nonresidential uses abutting Residential Districts.
1178.05   Height regulations for institutional, office, industrial and apartment buildings and structures.
1178.06   Existing lots of record not meeting minimum area and width requirements.
1178.07   Architectural projections.
1178.08   Setback of buildings on principal streets and highways.
1178.09   Special yard requirements.
1178.10   Traffic visibility across corner lots.
   Division of municipal corporations into zones - see Ohio R.C. 713.06
   Restrictions on buildings, structures, lots and setbacks - see Ohio R.C. 713.07 et seq.
   Restrictions on height of buildings and structures - see Ohio R.C. 713.08
   Restrictions on bulk and location of buildings and structures, percentage of lot occupancy and setback building lines - see Ohio R.C. 713.09
   Basis of districting or zoning; classification of buildings and structures - see Ohio R. C. 713.10
   Area requirements for planned unit developments - see P. & Z. 1180.02
   Setbacks for off-street parking areas - see P. & Z. 1182.02(b)