Special Provisions For Residential, Commercial And Industrial Uses
1174.01   Performance standards.
1174.02   Signs and outdoor advertising structures.
1174.03   Mineral extraction, storage and processing.
1174.04   Excavation of fill for highway construction.
1174.05   Automobile wrecking and metal salvaging, sales and storage facilities.
1174.06   Temporary buildings and construction trailers.
1174.07   Open storage and display of material and equipment.
1174.08   Site plan review for commercial and industrial developments.
   Division of municipal corporations into zones - see Ohio R.C. 713.06
   Restrictions on bulk and location of buildings and structures, percentage of lot occupancy and setback building lines - see Ohio R.C. 713.09
   Basis of districting or zoning; classification of buildings and structures - see Ohio R.C. 713.10
   Districts generally - see P. & Z. Ch. 1168
   Permitted and conditional uses in Residential, Business and Industrial Districts - see P. & Z. 1170.01
   Side and rear yard requirements for nonresidential uses abutting Residential Districts - see P. & Z. 1178.04
   Planned unit developments in Residential, Business and Industrial Districts - see P. & Z. Ch. 1180