(A)    City owned vehicles and employees of the City of Linton and its utilities, for the safety and convenience of the several citizens and inhabitants of the City of Linton, should remain within the city limits during regular employment and duty hours unless required to be out of the city limits to build, repair or maintain utilities or to carry out other directed duties or to answer a fire call placed with the Fire Department under the contract with Stockton Township or in cooperation with the existing reciprocal agreements with other cities and towns, or, with reference to the Police Department, if they are in pursuit of a lawbreaker or cooperating in a fire call, or if in the line of duty they are ordered out of the city limits by their department head or by the Mayor.
   (B)   No city vehicle or city employee during working hours for the City of Linton shall leave the city limits unless in the line of duty, including fire calls for the firefighters and police officers and for police officers in pursuit, or at the direction of their department head or the Mayor.
(Ord. 396, passed 6-13-1972)