(A)   No person shall operate a golf cart upon any sidewalk, pedestrian way or upon the area between the sidewalk and the curb line of any street in the city, except as specifically authorized for the purpose of legally crossing the street, to obtain immediate access to an area where the golf cart is authorized to operate.
   (B)   Operation prohibited in certain areas:
      (1)   No person may operate a golf cart for any reason on the following streets:
         (a)   Any street where operation is prohibited by a posted sign.
         (b)   State Road 54 and 59 on their entire length.
      (2)   Except for the intersection of State Road 54 and 59, any street or highway may be driven across from one side to the other at the intersections.
      (3)   No person may operate a golf card in the following areas, unless authorization is first obtained from the City Council:
         (a)   Any city parks.
         (b)   Any city cemeteries.
         (c)   Any property owned or leased by the city.
         (d)   Anywhere in the city on the grass skirt area between the street and sidewalk.
   (C)   No person shall fail to obey any sign, marker or speed limit or other control device erected in accordance with this or any other applicable law.
(Ord. 2010-01, passed 3-8-2010) Penalty, see § 72.99