Chap. 1301. Building Permits.
Chap. 1307. Ohio Building Code
Chap. 1309. Billboards.
Chap. 1310. Ohio Fire Code.
Chap. 1317. Moving Structures.
Chap. 1323. Unsafe Structures.
Chap. 1325. Satellite Dish Antennas.
Chap. 1331. Registration of Contractors.
Chap. 1333. Smoke Detectors.
Chap. 1341. Carbon Monoxide Detectors.
Chap. 1349. Rental Units.
      Chap. 1350. Short Term Rentals. 
Chap. 1357. Inspections.
Chap. 1365. International Property Maintenance Code.
Chap. 1373. Harboring Mice and Rats.
Chap. 1380. Residential Code of Ohio.
Chap. 1385. Registration of Vacant Dwelling Structures, Foreclosure Bond and Registration by Out-of-County Owners.
Chap. 1386. Transitional Housing Facility.